White Footed House Ants


White Footed House Ant

" bits of ants keep on falling from light fittings- it's so annoying..."

The ant you have is good at house keeping?!?!?

What the?

The annoying bits of  "small black stuff or dust" is the ants nest dumping dead ants away from the nest. Or "house keeping". This ant deems a dead ant in the nest  as "toxic" and  specialised "dumper ants" take the dead ant  away from the nest and dump it.  Commonly this makes a pile of  black "dust" and bit of ants. This can very annoying when it falls on a bed, sofa  or kitchen bench top.

The white footed house ant name is a little misleading. It's just a black ant. It gets is name because it has white hairs on its legs. Under certain lighting it looks like it has "white feet". But to the average punter it's just another black ant.

This ant prefers to live inside man made structures such as walls, ceiling spaces and window frames. Which makes access to their nest difficult by traditional methods.  Further they don't bait well, as the Queen is fed exclusively by specialised ants, meaning your DIY bait  never gets to the queen.

We use our "transfer " products to get chemicals into the colony and destroy the nest. And yes the dumping does stop too!

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