Pest control Auckland | Argentine ants

The Argentine ant is a medium sized brown ant. They can often turn up in mass one day, with thick streams of ants coming into the house. Commonly they trail on walls or upper skirtings as well the floor. Then the next day they can vanish leaving the customer wondering what is going on. Customers also tell us that the Argentine ant can bite and can feel a nip when doing the gardening or sitting on a outside seat.

This ant nests most commonly outside, and prefers dry and warm areas such as retaining walls or pot plants and under garden weed  mats.

The Argentine ant can form super colonies. The biggest super colony in the world is the Argentine ant in Europe. Scientists have looked at the genome of the Argentine ants on the coast of  northern France. The genome extends south past Spain, around the Mediterranean coast all the way to Italy. All ONE NEST! In NZ all the Argentine ants we have are a very similar genome, which allows nests cooperate not be in conflict with each other. This means if a customer has three small nests around their house, they will cooperate to form one large nest. Giving the customer rather  big  "headache".

Sometimes this ant can surround a house and cause the black ants in the walls to run away. Unfortunately there’s no escape and suddenly customers see large masses of black ants on the walls/book shelves inside their home. This is caused by the Argentine ants following the black ants trails and upsetting them.

They are very aggressive feeders and as the nest gets bigger they need more and more food. We use this ants aggressive  nature against them by using  baits it really likes. This ant shares {trophallaxis)  food with other ants in the colony. The combination of ant ants' aggressive foraging and the products we use the colony is decimated.

At ACES we are passionate about bugs, and have this "South American Ants"  number, contact ACES ants so we can give you a GREAT result.