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COVID19 pest control as an essential service

Apr 12, 2020
ACES antpest control

QUESTION: When is an essential service…….. essential? ANSWER: when there is a threat to safety and health pest control is an essential service   So who is an essential worker? Biggest essential workforces: According to MBIE​ data the largest essential workforce is in healthcare and social assistance, with just under 250,000​ essential workers. Of these workers, MBIE​ predicts that only 150,000​ workers will be working in their place of employment, with another 100,000 workers either working from home or unable to work. The second-biggest essential industry was agriculture, forestry and fishing with 150,000 essential workers. The third-largest number of essential …

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Post Graduate qualification in pest control

Jul 14, 2019

ACES pest control is now qualified certificate III Pro trains post graduate course in Timber pests.   CPPPMT3008 Inspect for and report on timber pests CPPPMT3010 Control timber pests CPPPMT3042 Install physical termite management systems   Owen Stobart graduated with this qualification on the 5th of July 2019  (document number S196/1738)   Owen Stobart also has entry level qualification   CPPMT3005 Manage Pests without Pesticides CPPMT3006 Manage pests by applying pesticides CPPMT3018 Maintain equipement and pesticides storage area in pest management vehicles Both Qualifications are recognised by the Australian Enviromental Pest Manager Association  and PMANZ ( Pest Managment Association of …

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ant control glenfield auckland

Sep 2, 2018

Ants don’t tend to get in traffic jams. They might butt heads (or antennae) momentarily as they go about their industrious business, but ants somehow have mastered the art of keeping things moving. They’re geniuses of flow. Another striking thing about ants is that some of them just sit around doing nothing. This has also been noticed in other social insects, such as bees. When ants build a nest, some of them just sit around, inert, lazy, seemingly useless. Now a study out of Georgia Tech, published Thursday in the journal Science, combines these observations to deliver a lesson that …

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ant sprays ponsonby cockroach extermination albany

Sep 10, 2017
ACES antpest control

ant control grey lynn fly treatment takapuna As its name suggests, the pharaoh ant views itself as a ruler among ants, a real headache for home and business owners. As its name suggests, the pharaoh ant certainly views itself as a ruler among ants and they can be a real headache for home and business owners, and the pest management professionals that are tasked with eliminating them. Unlike other ant species that are easily traced by following visible trails, pharaoh ants do not necessarily follow specific trails when they forage for food and harborage. Combine that with their preference to …

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ant control newmarket mouse extermination henderson

Aug 12, 2017
ACES antpest control

ant control north shore wasp elimination west auckland You won’t notice them until they come home and they see hundreds of them on their countertops and their pantries and that kind of thing, said Peter Schonemann of Russ Pest Control. Then it’s a problem. If you can get rid of them outside, then you won’ t have as many problems inside, Schonemann said. Spending the past half hour trying to find an ant hill was difficult. It seemed the weather was just too hot. If you get a lot of hot weather, it’s really dry they are looking for moisture, …

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ant pest control saint heliers mouse exterminaton glenfield

Aug 9, 2017

Ant control west auckland fly spray Mount Eden “About two months ago, we witnessed outdoor adventurer Coyote Peterson let a wasp known as a tarantula hawk sting him on his arm. Boasting the second most painful sting in the insect world, the tarantula hawk quickly had Peterson writhing on the ground in pain. And of course, it was all captured in a harrowing and altogether fascinating video. Earlier this week, Coyote Peterson was at it again during an episode of Breaking Trail, this time taking things a bit further and letting himself get stung by a bullet ant, the insect …

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ant control remuera bed bugs eradication Grafton

Apr 25, 2017

ant spray meadowbank rat extermination browns bay Pest ants in Auckland are sometimes hard to control. Why? Because as this article says they are smart enough to farm. Which often means they come into your house the materials for this job!  Please find below an article from about smarts ants farming! Humans only invented agriculture some 10,000 years ago, but ants have been doing it for millions of years. New analysis indicates that, although ants operate farms in many environments, true domestication occurred 30 million years ago, in desert or near-desert conditions. Attine ant species form a symbiotic relationship …

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ant control kingsland wasp eradication epsom

Mar 4, 2017

ant treatment Herne Bay ant removal Unsworth Heights “ACES pest control sees how smart insects are, in particular ants on a daily basis.  In fact Universities once pondered why an ant would slave and give its life for the colony or nest when they get nothing in return. The answer was to be found in looking at the nest as a single organism. This maybe why ants seem so smart, because its the collective thinking of the nest we are seeing… an article on just how smart ants are. “ “The brain of an ant is the size of a …

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SMART ants | successful control Auckland

Jan 3, 2017

ACES customers often remark that ants seem really smart. They will mention that no matter what they do they seem be out smarted by these little pests.  Here is an article by Kata, which seems to suggest ants are smarter than we think. SMART ANTS– crafting tiny sponges as tools.  ACES experience is that ants do remarkable things too.  We always tailor our treatments for your type or species of ant in your home! Which explains why our customers are very happy with our results on with a rating of  97% with more than 190 reviews

Ant control commercial restaurant

Oct 7, 2016

Ants: coming to a restaurant near you A pair of Canterbury entrepreneurs are putting ants on the menu at restaurants around the country.  We spend much of summer trying to keep ants out of our food; yet they might be what’s missing from it, say a pair of young Kiwi entrepreneurs. With their start-up company Anteater, Canterbury University students Peter Randrup and Bex De Prospo are trying to drive in New Zealand what’s become an emerging industry in Western countries, called “entomophagy”, or insect consumption. Anteater, a University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) student company that just scooped the …

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