Coastal Brown Ant


Coastal Brown Ant control Auckland

"Always in the dishwasher and the cat food!    Arrrgh! " 

This ant can be persistent!  And when you decide to do something about it the expensive DIY products you buy don't to work!

This ant has two sizes- Bi-morphic. As a result its also called the "The Big Headed Ant".  The ones with larger heads are the guard ants, whereas the  smaller ones are the worker ants. The guards' function is to protect the workers so they can collect resources for the nest. Fun fact. All the ants you are seeing are females- even the strong looking guard ants!

The Coast Brown is found in areas of Auckland where the ground is sandy, common in Onehunga, Northcote,  Herne Bay and Freemans Bay.  They have an interesting habit of eating grout in bathrooms! I am not sure if they use it their nests or if the remove it for access.  These guys can appear to come out of your sink. Actually they can do this, where there uis a nest near where the kitchen pipes exits into a drain. Most commonly this ant nests outside and customers commonly point out sand mounds that the ants have pushed up inbetween the pavers.

This ant prefers fat and protien  commonly found  in the pet food and also the dishwasher. Also why sugary DIY baits don't work, carbohydrates are not their thing.

We use a bait that is in a granular form which works extremely well. Why? Because ants don't have mount parts ( just a tube) and need to feed on liquids. So when they are given garnular bait they can't eat it themselves and HAVE to feed it to the colony. Also unlike liquid  baits that  will kill forging ants, this bait does not reduce forging ability. Meaning the colony gets all of the impact of the bait. The result is colony / nest decimation.

At ACES |ants, we are passionate about bugs and know this species. We have these ants  "number"- so we can give you a GREAT result.