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FEATURED | NPMA 2020 | Ant Update

In 2020 ACES pest control attended the NPMA conference virtually. One of the course completed was Ant Super Colonies. It was interesting to learn that the Argentine ant can form super colonies. In the Europe the largest super colony is the Argentine ant, with the nest stretching 1000s of km from the coast of France, south and east all the way to Italy! It was interesting to see how the Amercian Scientists dealt with such large ants nests. It quickly became apparent that they only use products with a transfer property. It also became obvious that the best practise in the USA for ant treatments is to use products with a transfer property. Also that their focus was on the exterior of buildings and didn't spray the interior of a home or business. It was reasuring that ACES pest controls ant treatment technique is best practise in the USA.

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COVID19 pest control as an essential service

April 12, 2020

QUESTION: When is an essential service an essential service? ANSWER: when there is a threat to safety and health pest control is an essential service TVNZ seven sharp ask this very question and here’s the story on youtube


Best practice technique

At ACES pest control we target the ant colony with the aim of getting a longer lasting result.

In 2020 we attended the NPMA ( virtually) and attended the session on treating ant SUPER colonies. We were interested to find out that the NMPA considers the Argentine ant a species that can form SUPER colonies. We were also please to find out that the best practice in the USA for ant treatments is to exclusively use products with a transfer property. Also that their focus is always outside and there is never an interior spray. Sound familiar? Thats what we have been doing at ACES pest control for the last decade! We amp this technique up by adding in our focus on the species of the ant in your home. Tailoring our technique to your individual situation.

Your home and family

You and your family have busy lives! The ants have been annoying you for a while.

Despite buying some supermarket products they just don’t seem to go away!
THAT ' S IT! Time to call in the professionals. But are they going to turn up in their van and dump LITRES of toxic chemicals everywhere?

Not at ACES | ants!

Not only are our product environmentally friendly, but they very LOW toxicity too! When our chemicals break down in the environment it’s into harmless elements. They are classified as very LOW toxicity to humans and their pets.