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Auckland best pest control finds that ant are a common issue in New Zealand. Ant control North Shore companies are highly recommended for treating ants  as ants  are a difficult issue to get right.

Ants have a range of habits: some are solitary, some live in large colonies; some are plant feeders and some are parasites or predators. They use their mandibles to chew wood and build nests to contain their colonies, stop this happening by getting Pest Control Auckland services- ACES | ants involved. The colony survives through a system of dividing the labor of building and maintaining it among individuals. Queens originate the colony and lay eggs; workers, which are sterile females, gather food, maintain and repair, and defend the colony.

New ant colonies usually start with a mating flight: males and females fly from the nest and mate in the air or on the ground. After mating, the female forms a nest by making a brood chamber, and begins laying eggs. Workers of the first brood forage and feed the queen, expand the nest, and care for the next brood. The founding queen continues to lay eggs and remains in the nest. When the colony reaches a size of several thousand workers, the queen lays eggs that develop into reproductive females and males, and the process starts over. This is is example of how difficult ants are to successfully control and why you should consider engaging the services of  Auckland ant exterminators Professionals like ACES| Ants

Ant infestations are often indicated by the presence of winged adults indoors. Infestations can be monitored by Pest Control Experts using feeding stations baited with a non-toxic food, then, at regular intervals, counting the number of ants visiting each station. Checking monitoring stations at the same time each day can provide information on abundance and size of the ant infestation.

Servicing Auckland for ant eradication is determined by the tolerance level of the customers of pest ants.


Here are 5 reasons that ants always seem to win their war with you!

FIVE amazing FACTS about ants

1. There are over 12,000 ant species worldwide

Ranging from the ant you might find scuttling across your picnic to the ants building underground fortresses in the rainforest, to flying ants!

2. The bullet ant is said to have the most painful sting in the world!

Living in humid jungle conditions such as the Amazon, their sting has been compared to being hit by a bullet – ouch!

3. Fire ants cause over $6 billion worth of damage a year!

Red fire ant might only be little, but the tiny critters have a painful bite which causes a burning sensation – hence the name “fire ant”, which costs millions in veterinary and medical bills every year! They’ve also been known to cause damage to farmer’s crops.

4. Ants are the longest living insects

Unlike some bugs who might only live for days or even hours, the queen ant of one particular species – the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei – can live up to 30 years – so be careful not to stand on her!

5. The ant is one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size

A single ant can carry 50 times its own bodyweight, and they’ll even work together to move bigger objects as a group.

Ants carry leaves and twigs back to their nests!

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5 stars from 250 google reviews

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Best practice technique


We were delighted to find out that our technique  for ant treatments is best practice in the USA according to the NPMA ( Dr Robert Puckett PhD)

At ACES pest control we target the ant colony by using products that have a transfer property. Exclusively!

In 2020 at  the NPMA ( virtually) we were interested to  find out that the best practice in the USA for ant treatments is to exclusively use products with a transfer property. Also that their focus is always outside and there is never an interior spray. Sound familiar? That's what we have been doing at ACES pest control for the last decade! We amp this technique up by adding in our focus on the species of the ant in your home. Tailoring our technique to your individual situation and type of ant!

Your home and family

You and your family have busy lives! The ants have been annoying you for a while.

Despite buying some supermarket products they just don’t seem to go away!
THAT ' S IT! Time to call in the professionals. But are they going to turn up in their van and dump LITRES of toxic chemicals everywhere?

Not at ACES | ants!

We don't spray the interior of your house for ants. No preparation is required and you do not need to leave your home or business. The products we use are LOW toxicity to humans, children, cats and dogs.

And we are a carbon neutral business, we purchase NZ native trees to offset the companies carbon footprint.

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